Our achievements

Confined 4m² Nutsche filter

Turnkey installation of a 4m² Nutsche filter with powder transfer system and dosing

Complete heel removal system

3m² filter

3m² filter installed between two floors

Opertaions in clean room with separation with grey zone

Heating/cooling skid

Heating / cooling skid with double exchanger

Vacuum unit

Complete vacuum unit integration condenser and screw vacuum pump

1200L Dryer

1200L 316L palet dryer

Pharma quality

Grey zone / white zone separation

3m² Scaler

Pharmaceutical scaler

Hastelloy C22

Drying and washing

Completly automatic

12500L reactor

316L Stainless steel

Specific agitator study

Jacket heating

Flat vacuum rotary filter

Flat rotary filter

Filtration through the turning plate

Stainless steel 316L

Specific development

1m² vacuum rotary filter

High performance filter full 316L stainless steel

Complet set-up with all accessories

Filtration through sintered cloth or polyprop cloth

5000L birotor dryer

5000L Bi-rotor paddle dryer

Very performing dryer

Two assymetrical shafts turning in oposite directions

316L stainless steel

0.4m² Nutsche filter dryer

Fully self-standing - "Plug & Play" principal

Build in Hastelloy C22

Filter easily transported

1m² Nutsche Filter Dryer

Complete installation including gateway

316L construction

Including a loading hopper

Ribbon mixer

8000L ribbon mixer

Double inverted ribbon

316L stainless steel

Integrated cleaning system

2.5L reactor

2.5L Reactor

Heating jacket

Fully dismountable for cleaning

Automatic control and handling

1L Nutsche filter dryer

Glass jacket for heating and cooling

Fully dismountable for cleaning and maintenance

pH, pressure, temperature mesurement and automatic adjustment

Completly automatic modes with different programs adjusting all parameters&

More than

Manufactured since more than
40 years

Including some still in service since more than
25 years